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1. What kind of beech wood do you offer?
Beechwood timber offers sawn common beech wood (Fagus sylvatica L.) harvested and processed in northwestern Bulgaria.  Common beech wood is famous for its good characteristics and high quality.

2. How are your beech wood boards processed?

Our boards are steam-treated under pressure, which improves the quality and characteristics of the wood.

3. How can I use common beech wood?
Beech wood’s sturdy structure and density makes it perfect for use in:

•    Furniture
•    Turning elements
•    Musical instruments
•    Paint brushes (artistic and other)
•    Tool handles
•    Flooring, parquet and wood paneling
•    Firearm detailing
•    Billiards tables
•    Lollipop sticks
•    Other crafts products

4. What tools are necessary to work common beech wood?
The texture of common beech wood allows for it to be processed with most woodworking machines and hand tools.  At the same time it is a strong, solid type of wood with great resistance to bowing.

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